Mar 3, 2010

Goodyear Employee wins compensation for hearing Loss

Mr Porter wins £4500 payout after working as a driver and tyre builder at Goodyear’s Wolverhampton Plant. He was exposed to loud noise emitted from the tyre building machine he worked on and the numerous surrounding machines. During the 1970s when Mr Porter was exposed, Goodyear was a thriving factory with many employees. It is likely that many other people who worked at Goodyear at this time could have also suffered from noise induced hearing loss. Mr Porter noticed his hearing loss over a number of years but did not put it down to his noise exposure. He saw WE Solicitor’s advert in the local Press and decided he would take advantage of the offer for a free hearing test. This hearing test confirmed he was suffering from noise induced hearing loss. WE Solicitors are instructed on behalf of many other employees of Goodyear who are also claiming for their noise induced hearing loss. If you worked at Goodyear and were not provided with hearing protection you should contact us straight away for a free hearing test.

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