Armed Forces

Hearing Loss Claims and The Armed Services

Medical science has long known that loud noises, experienced over an extended period of time, even at an early time in one’s life, can cause acoustic trauma which may not be recognised or sufficiently detected until after some considerable time has elapsed.

Problems of noise induced hearing loss, due to prolonged exposure to excessive levels are not just confined to traditional working environments such as heavy manufacturing, fabrication or construction, where personnel have fallen victim to industrial deafness problems later in life.

Armed service veterans have also suffered hearing damage as a result of being exposed to extremely loud environmental and/or combat related noises whilst they were on active duty.

Military personnel are most often exposed to noises such as machine guns, mortars, bombs, artillery, airplane engines and shipboard machinery, usually without the benefit of hearing protection. Those veterans frequently develop hearing loss and tinnitus as they become older.

Claims for bilateral hearing loss and bilateral tinnitus must however, be supported by current medical evidence and relevant military service history, which would indicate that the veteran was exposed to prolonged loud noises whilst on active duty.

There must be medical evidence of a current hearing loss with or without tinnitus and, most importantly, there must be a documented medical opinion from a licensed audiologist that the current hearing loss or tinnitus was more likely than not to have been caused by his/her exposure to environmental and/or combat related noise while on active duty.

Medical evidence is always critical to the approval of any injury and disability claim to confirm that the disability you are claiming actually exists.  If you think you may have a claim for deafness having been exposed to noise in the armed services, contact us to speak with with an expert in injury and disablement compensation who will provide key legal hearing loss advice.

Injury and The Armed Services

If you have suffered an accident or injury whilst serving in the armed forces, WE Solicitors can help you.

Owing to the dangerous nature of service and potentially harmful materials used, the risk of injury is higher and the seriousness of the injury can be much greater than in typical personal injury claims. Your role in the military, your livelihood and your family can be greatly and adversely affected as a result.

The Ministry of Defence owes military personnel a duty of care to ensure they are provided with sufficient training and a suitably safe working environment. If this has not been the case, you are entitled to compensation as you would be with any civilian employer.

WE understand that suffering an injury whilst in service is a difficult experience for the injured party and their families. We aim to provide straightforward and effective legal advice, whilst bringing your claim to a swift and satisfactory conclusion. We feel that members of the armed forces who have suffered as a result of their service should receive the best support available. WE Solicitors guarantee your claim will be dealt with in a sympathetic and professional manner.

If your accident or injury occurred after 1987 and you are no longer in service, we can help you. We act on a no win, no fee basis and ask you to read our frequently asked questions for more information.  If you are still in service, or were injured during combat, you can claim under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

It is important to remember that normally, you will only have 3 years from the date of your injury or accident within which to claim so it is essential to act quickly.

Your claim may include the following:

  • Personal Injury
  • Personal injury on operations or on exercise, for example from parachuting or weapons training
  • Military head and spinal injuries
  • Medical negligence of military staff
  • Road traffic accidents involving Armed Forces personnel both in the UK and abroad
  • Personal injury arising from defective equipment
  • Disease and illness contracted in the workplace
  • Military medical negligence compensation claims
  • Death or injury as a result of negligent medical or dental treatment in the UK, or wherever military personnel are based

The above list is by no means exhaustive. If you have suffered in any other way as a result of your service in the armed forces, call us today for no obligation legal advice or submit your enquiry here. We have a number of specialist solicitors who will help you claim the compensation you deserve.