How can you tell if my hearing problems are caused by noise?

We will arrange a hearing test that will tell us whether the hearing problems are related to noise.

Can I claim if the company closed down years ago?

Yes you can.

Who do I make a claim against?

Most employers have insurance dating back to the 1960’s, which cover them against claims such as these. Large insurers pay your costs and damages.

Will I have to go to Court?

In the vast majority of cases you will not have to attend court and only a very small number of cases ever go to a trial.

How much compensation will I get?

This will depend on many factors including the severity of your hearing loss, whether we can trace all of your employers

How long will it take?

A straightforward case can be settled within 12-18months although some cases can take longer.

Will it take up a lot of my time?

It should not take up a lot of time although we will write to you every month and give you an update.

Will I have to go for a medical appointment?

You will have to go and see a local Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon who will prepare a report on your deafness.

Can I claim if I worked for more than one company?

You can claim if you worked for more than one employer where you were exposed to high levels of noise.

How much will it cost me?

You will not be asked to pay anything up front.  If you win your claim the majority of your legal costs are paid by the Defendant.  Any of the legal costs not paid by the Defendant will be deducted from any compensation awarded to you up to a maximum of 25%.  You will not pay anything until your claim has settled and anything you do pay will come out of the compensation you receive.

Can I lose my job if I claim against my current employer?

Your current employer cannot dismiss you simply for making a civil claim against them if they have caused your hearing loss.  This could result in further action against the company at an Employment Tribunal if they were to dismiss you on those grounds alone.