Acoustic Shock

What is Acoustic Shock?

Acoustic shock is a sudden, unexpected high pitched and high intensity sound and the subsequent symptoms that can develop.  This is different to noise induced hearing loss where the sufferer has been often exposed to loud noise over many years or even decades without adequate protection.

What Can Cause the Sound?

There are a large number of potential causes but a few include:

  • Faulty telephone or headset equipment
  • Transmission faults on a telephone network
  • Lightening
  • Positive feedback with some cordless and mobile phones
  • Gun shots and explosions

Acoustic Shock Symptoms

  • Muffled conversations
  • A whooshing, buzzing or whistling sound in their ears when it is quiet (a condition called tinnitus).
  • Headaches
  • Hypersensitivity to sound (a condition called hyperacusis)
  • Sleep disturbance

Industries Prone to Acoustic Shock?

Can I Seek Compensation for Acoustic Shock?

The severity of the condition dictates the level of compensation that can be awarded. As acoustic shock is often associated with hearing loss and tinnitus wee have set out the range of compensation that can be awarded below:

• Total deafness £73,315 to £88,660
• Total Hearing loss in one ear £25,300 to £36,850
• Severe tinnitus with hearing loss £23,980 to £36,850
• Moderate tinnitus with hearing loss £12,100 to £23,980
• Mild tinnitus with some hearing loss £10,175 to £12,000
• Slight or occasional tinnitus with slight hearing loss £5,940 to £10,175
• Slight hearing loss Up to £5665

If you have tinnitus and been exposed to noise or trauma then contact us today and we will help you recover the compensation you deserve.

What Can I be Compensated for?

We can assist you in seeking compensation for:

  • The hearing loss or tinnitus
  • The reasonable costs of any therapy or treatment
  • In some cases, the reasonable cost of any equipment such as hearing aids or tinnitus masking devices