Affected Industries

Noise induced hearing loss can be caused by working in any noisy environment where the noise exceeds certain safe levels for set periods of time.  We have listed some of the industries where noise levels are known to exceed safe limits and hearing protection and counter measures have had to be implemented.

Textile Industry

Many clients where exposed to noise in the textile industry working with ring spinners, weaving machines, doffers, overlockers and recently even industrial sewing machines… more

Power Station Workers

Many workers who where employed by the CEGB have been exposed to excessive noise levels from working close to the turbines and other equipment within the Power Station…  more

Construction Workers

People who worked in the construction industry would have been exposed to heavy plant machinery, jigger picks, wacker plates and kango’s to name just a few… more

Steel & Metal Industry

Noise induced hearing loss was prevalent amongst steel and metal workers. The noise from the furnaces, presses and cranes… more

Ship Building & Heavy Manufacturing

Sadly the ship building industry and heavy manufacturing in the UK is a fraction of its former size. However many workers especially those working with rivet guns, welders and pneumatic hammers… more

Rubber & Petrochemical Industry

We have represented a large number of clients who have been exposed to noise having worked in the rubber and petrochemical industry…more

Pottery and Ceramics Industry

WE Solicitors have successfully represented a large number of former workers who worked in the pottery and ceramics industry. The furnaces, grinding machines, vibro mills, kilns and dryers…more

Armed Forces

Military personnel are most often exposed to noises such as machine guns, mortars, bombs, artillery, airplane engines and shipboard machinery…more

Aviation Industry

WE Solicitors LLP have represented former aviation workers. These workers helped to engineer, construct and maintain aircraft…more

Call Centre Acoustic Shock

Many call centre workers have been exposed to what is called acoustic shock. This is caused by a sudden high pitched sound, often caused by faulty or poor quality headsets…more

Car Production Industry

These clients were exposed to noise throughout the course of their employment and in most cases protective hearing equipment was only introduced in the early 1980s…more

Engineering Industry

Whilst the engineering industry in the UK has been in steady decline for many years, in the 1960s through to the late 1980s it was a thriving industry…more

Entertainment Industry

Many workers in this sector accept noise as a part of their job and despite warnings employers are doing little in most cases to provide suitable protective hearing equipment…more

Local Authorities

Unfortunately for many years, local councils failed to provide hearing protection or if they did, failed to provide training to workers or enforce the use of the hearing protection…more

Nationalised Industries

Many state owned bodies were privatised in the 1970s and 1980s. WE Solicitors have represented clients in their pursuit for compensation arising out of noise induced hearing loss…more

Paper Making Industry

WE Solicitors have represented many former paper makers. Workers were exposed to excessive noise in nearly all parts of the factories…more