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Mar 2, 2011

Royal Ordnance Blackburn


We solicitors llp has successfully represented a client who worked at the Royal Ordnance factory in Blackburn in the 1960’s and 1970’s, for an industrial deafness claim (also known as noise induced hearing loss).

Royal Ordnance manufactured munitions for the Ministry of Defence.

Since then, we have been contacted by former workers who following a hearing test have been shown to have noise damage.  Many people under estimate the level at which noise becomes harmful.  A simple test is if you had to shout over the noise to a colleague standing up to six feet away then the likelihood is that the noise was over safe limits.

Sadly the legacy of our industrial past is still with us.  Many former workers are only now coming to terms with our industrial legacy that has left many hard of hearing or with chest conditions.

The former client received damages compensating for hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise after 1963.  After 1963 employers in the manufacturing industry should have taken steps to minimise the risk of deafness by providing workers with protective equipment such as earplugs or ear defenders.  In some cases machinery should have been altered to reduce the noise levels.

The insurers for Royal Ordnance have admitted they failed to take such steps and only introduced hearing protection much later once the damage had already been done.

The amount of compensation employees may be entitled to is dependant upon many factors including how badly hearing has been affected and whether sufferers also have a condition called tinnitus which is a ringing in the ears.  WE solicitors guarantee claimants will receive 100% of their compensation without any deductions.

We solicitors will continue to raise awareness of industrial deafness caused by working in noise.

If you are concerned that your hearing may have been affected by your working environment, please call Steven Evans today on freephone 0800 294 3065.