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Aug 26, 2010

Multi-defendant case for noise induced hearing loss


Mr Cousins wins £2,218.50 in a multi-defendant case for noise induced hearing loss.

Mr Cousins was previously employed by Newalls Insulations Ltd, Dicks Eagle Insulations Ltd, Hertel (UK) Ltd, Rigblast Holdings Ltd, Cape Insulation Co Ltd and exposed to excessive levels of noise with each employer. He worked mainly within the insulation industry, in the Humberside area and was exposed to various sources of noise, including; drilling, hammering, compressors, steam turbines, water pumps, to name but a few. WE Solicitors were successful in winning the case against all of the above defendant companies, following obtaining supportive witness evidence and a supportive medical report.

This case was not a straightforward matter, as these were not the only employers who had exposed to Mr Cousins to excessive levels of noise. One case had to be discontinued through lack of evidence and several other periods of exposure were to short to claim for. This meant that a small discount had to be applied to Mr Cousins’ settlement, for the unrecoverable periods of exposure. Furthermore, it is always problematic to settle multi-defendant cases, owing to the co-ordination that must occur between the various parties involved.

Overall, Mr Cousins and WE Solicitors were very pleased with the outcome.