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Jun 9, 2010

Mrs Brown wins £1500 payout.


Mrs Brown wins £1500 payout after working as a quilt weaver at John Ainscow & Co Ltd of Bolton, causing her to lose some of her hearing.

Mrs Brown had been employed by the company from 1962 to 1971 and exposed to the noise of hundreds of towel and quilt weaving looms, every working day, without ever being given hearing protection or warned of the dangers of noise exposure.

This case was not without difficulty, as Mrs Brown had been exposed to noise prior to the date of guilty knowledge in 1963. Before 1963, the Courts deemed it acceptable that employers would not have the knowledge of the dangers of noise exposure, in order to protect employees. Therefore noise exposure before 1963 had to be discounted.

Furthermore, Mrs Brown suffered with deafness in one ear, which was not noise-related. It was therefore argued that the noise damage to her ‘good’ ear was even more serious, than had she had a hearing ability in both ears.

After obtaining supportive medical evidence and strong witness evidence, we were able to negotiate a settlement of £1500 for Mrs Brown.