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Oct 20, 2009

Mr A Lord


Having worked in heavy engineering and metal fabrication in the North West of England for many years, I slowly noticed a general deterioration in my hearing over a number of years. I eventually discovered that this loss could be due to my former employment working with grinders and drills on a daily basis.

I contacted we solicitors who acted for me in my claim against my former employer. My case was not that straightforward and the case went to trial. My former employers solicitors are a leading national law firm with several offices around the country that represent many of the leading insurers in British Industry. My case was subject to a preliminary hearing and then my Solicitors, we, managed to negotiate a settlement just 2 weeks before the 3 day trial was about to start.

My Solicitors secured several thousands of pounds in compensation for my condition and I didn’t even have to attend a trial which was a relief for me and my family although I was prepared to fight my position at court if necessary. I can say that I was provided with updates at all times and my Solicitors kept me fully informed about the status and progress of my case.

Mr Lord was represented by Adam Bennett who is a specialist Industrial Disease Solicitor at we.