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Nov 30, 2009

Mary Matadigo Obtains Over £5000 Compensation For Work Related Hearing Loss


We Solicitors have secured over £5000 for Mary Matadigo from Rochdale, who suffers with work related hearing loss. Mrs Matadigo developed occupational deafness over a period of several years, working as a Cotton Spinner, Quality Control Inspector and Machine Operator, for companies in the Rochdale area, namely Townhead Mill Company Limited, Fairfield Footwear Limited and Taylor Engineering & Plastics Limited.

Mrs Matadigo recalls being exposed to excessive noise levels as a result of the noise produced by spinning, doffing and winding machines at Townhead Mill, shoe making machinery at Fairfield Footwear Limited and television screen making machinery at Taylor Engineering and Plastics.

Claims involving multiple Defendants are complicated, but We Solicitors succeeded by obtaining supportive medical evidence, confirming Mrs Matadigo was suffering with noise induced hearing loss.

Mrs Matadigo said, “My hearing has gradually been deteriorating over the years, to the extent that even my sons thought I was ignoring them! I turned the television volume up really loud and had trouble sleeping due to a constant ‘buzzing’ noise in my ears”.

“Looking back, I realised the environments in which I worked were horrendously noisy. I had to shout above the noise and lip read as a form of communication”.

Mrs Matadigo was overjoyed with the outcome of her case and impressed with We Solicitors’ expertise in the area.