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Aug 15, 2009

Hearing loss in the Pottery and Ceramic Industry


It has recently been proven that working within the Pottery and Ceramic Industry can, in certain circumstances, cause former workers to develop noise induced hearing Loss.  Naturally there are differences from site to site and proof is dependent upon the length of service and the type of occupation undertaken whilst employed within the Industry.

As an example, Vibro mills and the Kiln/blower areas were a very noisy place to work on certain sites.  Long exposure to excessive noise has been clinically proven to cause a loss, which can be compensated for at Law if the exposure was negligent or in breach of any statutory provisions of legislation.  Recent awards can range from £3,500 in mild cases to in excess of £8,000 in the more serious ones, where hearing aids are required by the former employee.

we Solicitors llp have represented several clients who worked in the Pottery and ceramics industry successfully and have managed to claim compensation on their behalf against their former employers, for negligently exposing them to excessive noise resulting in hearing damage.  There is no cure for the condition although symptoms will not deteriorate once exposure to noise had ceased, although there are techniques and devices available to help tune out tinnitus and also improve hearing.

Symptoms of Noise Induced Loss are requiring the television to be turned up where others do not require, missing conversation, not being able to concentrate on multiple conversations and these symptoms are often complimented with a ringing/buzzing noise in the ears which is very noticeable when trying to sleep or when in a quiet room.

If you believe you are affected by any of the above and wish to speak to a solicitor, please call below or register your interest online for free advice in relation to making a potential claim.  we solicitors llp have a specialist department dedicated to dealing with these types of case and have represented many hundreds of people who have been physically affected from working within industry.