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Oct 18, 2010

GEC Staffordshire


We solicitors llp has successfully represented a client who worked at the GEC Lower Millhouse Lane factory, Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, for industrial deafness (or noise induced hearing loss).

GEC was a large company in the area, employing hundreds of people, manufacturing white goods such as fridge freezers and similar products.

Sadly the legacy of our industrial past is still with us and many former workers are only now realising they have been left hard of hearing or with chest conditions due to the working conditions many years ago.

The former client received damages totalling £5,500 for hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise after working at the factory between 1975 and 1983.

After 1963 employers in the manufacturing industry should have taken steps to minimise the risk of deafness by providing workers with protective equipment such as earplugs or ear defenders.  In some cases machinery should have been altered to reduce the noise levels.

The amount of compensation depends upon many factors including how badly hearing has been affected and whether ex-employees suffer with a condition called tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ears.  We solicitors guarantee any clients will receive 100% of compensation awarded without any deductions.

We solicitors continue to raise awareness of industrial deafness caused by working in noise in many different industries.

If you are reading this and worked at GEC please contact Steven Evans today on freephone 0800 294 3065 or email