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Jun 20, 2012

Former Worker at Herbert Morris Limited wins settlement of £4,000.00.


Mr. Andrew Lovatt was exposed to excessive noise whilst working at Herbert Morris Limited from 1965/66 to 1969/70 and Stafford Fabrications, where Mr Lovatt worked on 3 occasions.

Mr. Lovatt worked as an Apprentice Plater and Template maker at Herbert Morris Limited and was exposed to excessive noise from constant hammering throughout the factory floor used in construction of the cranes.

Mr Lovatt was employed again as a Plater with Stafford Fabrications Limited, making parts for all sorts of heavy duty machines. Mr. Lovatt was exposed to excessive noise from the hammering of steel, welding and shot blasting amongst other sources.

As a result of Mr. Lovatt’s exposure to the excessive noise at work he has suffered noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus, this was confirmed when WE Solicitors arranged a medical assessment of his hearing condition.

Mr. Lovatt approached WE Solicitors about a noise induced hearing loss claim after discussing his hearing problems with a former colleague. WE Solicitors sent medical evidence and the letter starting the legal process to the insurers of Herbert Morris Limited and Stafford Fabrications in December 2011, medical evidence was sent in February 2012 and the case was settled in early June 2012.

WE Solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement of £4,000 for Mr. Lovatt avoiding the need for the service of court proceedings.