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Oct 6, 2010

Former Osram employee recieves compensation


WE Solicitors managed to obtain £3,500 for Mr John Botterill from Oldham. Mr Botterill was employed by Osram (GEC) Limited from approximately 1976 until 1999 working at various sites including Osram Wembley, Osram France and Osram Shaw. Mr Botterill was employed initially as an Apprentice and later worked as a Fitter, Group Production Engineer, Senior Group Production Engineer and Regular.

During his employment with Osram Mr Botterill was subjected to excessive noise from various sources including pinching machines, mount machines, sealex machines, pump machines, packing machines and capping machines. Whilst employed at the Wembley and Shaw factories, Mr Botterill was never provided with any form of hearing protection.

Medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant ENT Surgeon, which confirmed that Mr Botterill was suffering with a mild degree of deafness and a mild degree of tinnitus as a result of exposure to excessive noise.

This was a difficult case because there were strict time limits to work within. Mr Botterill first became aware of his hearing loss and the fact that it was likely to have been caused by noise exposure in July 2007. Mr Botterill therefore had three years from this date in which to bring his claim and issue court proceedings. Whilst investigating his claim, it was necessary to issue court proceedings by July 2010 in order to protect Mr Botterill, however, the case did not need to proceed to trial as WE Solicitors managed to negotiate settlement with Osram’s insurers.