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Sep 12, 2014

Former J.R.Cromptoms Employee Wins Compensation for Noise Induced Hearing Loss


Mr G was exposed to excessive levels of noise, whilst working in the Paper Making industry for a period of around 30 years. Mr G worked for J.R.Crompton Limited.  During his period of employment he was employed within various capacities and exposed to the noise of paper making machinery, for the duration of his shifts.

He was never made aware of the dangers that working in excessive noise gives rise to. Mr G now suffers from mild noise induced hearing loss, which was confirmed when WE Solicitors arranged a medical assessment of his hearing condition.

Some of Mr G’s noise exposure could not be claimed for, as some took place prior to 1963, which is the date regulations were introduced and when employers had to take steps to protect their enployees from the dangers of noise.  The case was issued at Court as the parties were unable to reach a settlement pre-issue.

Despite this, WE Solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement in the case.