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May 25, 2022

Former British Steel worker receives compensation.


WE Solicitors LLP have recently successfully represented a former British Steel worker from Scunthorpe who suffered noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus arising out his employment.  

Mr R was initially employed as an apprentice plater from around 1984 working for British Steel Corporation.  Once he finished his apprenticeship in 1987 he worked in the Appleby Plate Mill where he stayed until around 2001.  Throughout this time he was exposed to the noise of grinders and other machinery during the working day.

Mr R was subject to a number of TUPE transfers where his employment was transferred without interruption to a new company as British Steel was bought and sold.  The company changed from the British Steel Corporation, Corus and Tata Steel. This complicated corporate history made the case quite challenging.

This was a particularly satisfying case to win as the exposure to noise spanned a 30 year employment period and with a number of corporate entities.  

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