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Jun 14, 2017

Former Boiler Maker at Standard Railway Wagon Company Limited Receives Compensation for Noise Induced Hearing Loss.


Our client joined Standard Railway Wagon Company Limited in Heywood, (formerly known as Powell Duffryn Standard) as a 16 year old apprentice. The company manufactured wagons for the railway industry and during his 5 year apprenticeship our client worked all over the factory.

He was exposed to noise throughout his shift from all kinds of metal work machinery such as grinders, air hammers, air chippers, rotary wire brushes, wedge hammers, drilling machines, punches, presses etc. all this in addition to the noise from the overhead crane

Upon completing his apprenticeship and until 1989 he remained with the company and was employed as a Boiler Maker where the noise exposure continued on a daily basis.

During his employment, he was not provided with hearing protection or warned of the dangers of working in noise.

Our client now suffers from noise induced hearing loss in both ears. The medical report prepared by an ear, nose and throat surgeon in support of his claim indicated that his need to use hearing aids has been accelerated by at least 15 years due to the noise damage.

It was necessary for legal proceedings to be issued to bring this claim to a successful conclusion but eventually a settlement of just over £4,000 was negotiated without the need to attend court.