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Aug 10, 2009

Did you work at Lister Yarns?


We solicitors llp has successfully represented a number of clients who worked at Lister Yarns in Heywood, Lancashire, for industrial deafness (or noise induced hearing loss) claims.

Lister Yarns was one of many companies in the area which produced textiles in an industry long since closed down and moved abroad.

Sadly the legacy of our industrial past is still with us.  Many former workers are only now coming to terms with our industrial legacy that has left many heard of hearing or with chest conditions.

We solicitors represented clients who worked as spinners in the spinning sheds and were exposed to exceptionally noisy machinery including the repco spinning machines, steam machine and gill boxes.

The former clients received damages compensating them for their hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise after 1963.  After 1963 employers in the textile industry should have taken steps to minimise the risk of deafness by providing workers with protective equipment such as earplugs or ear defenders.  In some cases machinery should have been altered to reduce the noise levels.

The insurers of Lister Yarns admitted they had failed to take such steps and only introduced hearing protection much later once the damage had already been done. Our clients were compensated for their industrial deafness and in some case the cost of their hearing aids.

The amount of compensation depended upon many factors including your how badly their hearing had been affected and whether they had a condition called tinnitus which is a ringing in the ears.  All of our clients received damages exceeding £2,500. We solicitors guarantees 100% of any compensation without deductions.

We solicitors will continue to raise awareness of industrial deafness caused by working in the textile industry.

If you are reading this and worked in Lister yarns or Mutual Mills please contact Steven Evans today.