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Aug 30, 2019

Deafness in the Oil and Gas Industry.


WE Solicitors have successfully represented a number of clients recently who worked in the oil and gas industry.  The clients contacted us as they were suffering with what they described as poor hearing and whistling or buzzing in the ears which would come and go (this is known as tinnitus). For some time they had believed their symptoms were due to normal wear and tear and their age.  However having attended their GP’s and often being referred to the local hospital they were diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss.

These workers were employed in the manufacture and installation of oil and gas pipelines, some of them working on oil rigs.  Whilst their job roles ranged from electricians to welders to fabricators, they all described the noise being excessive.

Since 1961 it was widely known and accepted that employers needed to take steps to protect their employees hearing.  This would be done by providing hearing protection to employees or reducing the noise emitted from machinery.

Sadly, many employers failed to take any steps until the early 1990’s and often even then, the wearing of hearing protection was never strictly enforced and employees were left to determine whether they wanted to wear it.  In many cases where hearing protection was provided, it was not compatible with other safety equipment such as welding masks and would be ill fitting.

These workers were exposed to noise from a variety of tools and machinery such as grinders, needle guns, shot blasters and drop saws, all of which produced significant levels of noise over and above the actionable levels.

We have successfully concluded claims against the following companies:-

  • Trafalgar House Group Ltd
  • Redpath Engineering Services
  • Kvaener Oil & Gas Ltd
  • Peckston Group Ltd
  • Anglo-Swedish Eng & Welding Ltd

If you have been exposed to noise whilst working in the oil and gas industry, or any other industry, contact us on 0800 294 3065 so we can assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve.