Hearing Loss in the Press

Feb 3, 2010

HSE Report on the Use of Hearing Protection

In 2009, the HSE completed a comprehensive report on the effectiveness of hearing protectors in everyday work situations. The report looked at various industries including printers, a bottling plant, metal fabricated buildings manufacturers, sheet metal workshops and a County Council.

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Dec 10, 2009

Payout is music to ears of deaf potters

SOLICITORS have been inundated with calls from former pottery workers who believe noisy machinery made them deaf.
Earlier this month, The Sentinel revealed ex-ceramics workers suffering hearing problems could be in line for compensation if they were exposed to more than 80 decibels of noise – equivalent to the sound of an alarm clock – at work.

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Aug 10, 2009

Did you work at Lister Yarns?

We solicitors llp has successfully represented a number of clients who worked at Lister Yarns in Heywood, Lancashire, for industrial deafness (or noise induced hearing loss) claims.

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