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May 8, 2017

£4,500 Settlement for former Employee of Carrington & Dewhurst and Courtaulds.


Mr Ralph Gregory was exposed to excessive levels of noise, whilst working in the textile industry.

He worked for Courtaulds at their mill in Chorley as a labourer and later at Carrington & Dewhurst in Wigan as a weaver for a period of over 7 years in total.

At Courtaulds he was exposed to noise throughout the duration of his shift from the spinners which were in rows on the factory floor. When moving to Carrington& Dewhurst he worked as a weaver on Nissan Water Jet Looms responsible for around 100 looms at a time.  There were a number of weavers within the weaving shed each looking after their own 100 looms.  The combined noise from the machines was terrible and we would have to lip read to communicate – we could not shout loud enough to be heard above the noise.

Hearing protection was never provided and I was never warned of the damage that noise exposure could do to my ears. Mr Gregory underwent a medical examination as part of the claim and has been diagnosed as suffering from noise induced hearing loss and slight to mild noise related tinnitus.

This was presented to the defendants in support of the claim. The case has taken a long time to reach settlement and it was necessary to issue legal proceedings to bring the matter to a conclusion.  However the settlement of £4,500 was negotiated without the need to attend a court hearing.