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Sep 8, 2014

Mr Marrows Wins Settlement of £4,000 for Noise Induced Hearing Loss Through WE Solicitors.


Mr Marrows was exposed to excessive levels of noise, whilst working in the chemical and pigments industry for a period of around 24 years. Mr Marrows worked for Huntsman Tioxide, which was also known as BTP Tioxide Ltd, Tioxide Group Ltd and Tioxide Europe Ltd, during his period of employment.

Mr Marrows was employed at the site on Moody Lane in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. He was employed firstly as an apprentice electrician and remained employed as an electrician once qualified.

During Mr Marrows’ employment, he was exposed to many sources of noise including lathes, milling machinery, grinding machinery, hammering, cutting machinery, overhead cranes, high pressure steam leaks, compressors, ball mills, motors, generators, planing machinery, amongst others.

Mr Marrows advises he was not provided with any hearing protection until it was made available in around the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. It was later made compulsory around the mid 1990’s. He advises that he thinks this was also around the time that noise awareness training commenced. Unfortunately, by this time, much of the damage had been done.

Mr Marrows now suffers from mild noise induced hearing loss and mild noise related tinnitus which was confirmed when WE Solicitors arranged a medical assessment of his hearing condition.

WE Solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement of £4,000.00 for Mr Marrows, avoiding the need for court proceedings. Mr Marrows was ver pleased with the outcome and said ‘I would just like to thank Natalie Howarth for all her hard work and expertise shown during this case’.

This is one of a number of claims against Huntsman Tioxide, several of which have settled already. This suggests that there were potentially many more former employees of the company which could have been affected similarly, by working in an excessively noisy environment.

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