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May 18, 2017

Former Fitter/Supervisor at Huntsman Tioxide is Awarded Compensation for Noise Induced Hearing Loss.


Mr B started working for British Titan Products Limited in 1972. This Company changed their name a number of times to Tioxide Group Plc, Tioxide UK Limited, Tioxide Group Plc, Tioxide UK Limited, Tioxide Europe Limited, and then Huntsman Tioxide. The company made titanium pigments used in paint products and was based over a vast site in Grimsby.  Mr B worked there until 2004.

Each plant carried out a part of the process and had their own specific machinery which produced noise. Our client was a Fitter/supervisor for the company and as such would work all over the plant and would be exposed to varying sources of noise depending on where he was working.  Some of the machines in certain parts of the factory were very, very noisy and Mr B reports that he could not talk to colleagues because it was too noisy. If he needed to speak to someone he would have to either shout or leave the area to communicate.

During the early years of his employment the wearing of hearing protection was not always enforced. It was not until the early 1990’s that the company policy changed and wearing hearing protection in all noisy areas became compulsory for our client.  After that time failure to wear hearing protection became an offence and could lead to disciplinary action being taken.

Mr B was diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss and noise related tinnitus when he attended a medical examination in support of his claim.

It was necessary for legal proceedings to be issued against the defendants in this case but an out of court settlement for an undisclosed sum was negotiated just 5 weeks before the case was listed for a court hearing.

Mr B was pleased to reach settlement without the need to attend court.