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May 19, 2017

Former Employee at Woodward Grosvenor Co, Carpet Manufacturers, Receives Compensation of Just Over £4,600 for Noise Related Hearing Loss and Tinnitus.


Mrs Sissons joined Woodward Grosvenor Co Ltd of Green Street, Kidderminster straight from leaving school. She was employed there from January 1978 to May 1983, working on a full time basis first as a colour finder and later as a carpet picker.

She was employed within the Finishing Department, throughout her employment but this led through to the main factory which housed between 10 and 20 carpet weaving looms, laid out in rows. It was around the size of a football pitch. The noise of the looms could be heard from within the Finishing Department and even from outside of the factory.

Mrs Sissons was also exposed to the noise from the sizing and assessing machines which were in the finishing department. The sizing machine was around the size of a double decker bus and it ran continuously. It was very noisy and we would have to shout to each other just a few feet away to communicate.  The noise was continuous throughout her shift.

Our client was never provided with noise awareness training and does not recall any noise level testing being carried out. She recalls that some small ear plugs were made available in the last couple of months of her employment, but the wearing of them was optional and was not enforced.

Mrs Sissons now suffers from moderate noise induced hearing loss and noise related tinnitus, which was confirmed when a medical assessment of her hearing condition was carried out in support of her claim.

This report was presented to the defendants and although it was necessary to issue legal proceedings, an out of court settlement was reached without the need to attend a court hearing.