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WE Solicitors start Don't Suffer in Silence Campaign

Over the last two weeks we have been campaigning in Northamptonshire and Gloucestershire raising awareness of our "Don't Suffer in Silence Campaign".

Noise induced hearing loss sufferer, Mrs C, wins settlement of an undisclosed sum through WE Solicitors.

Noise induced hearing loss sufferer, Mr H, has agreed a settlement of £3,000 through WE Solicitors.

Mr G was exposed to excessive levels of noise, whilst working for several employers, over a period totalling more than 30 years.

WE Solicitors have successfully represented a former employee of  G Ratcliffe & Sons (Felts) Ltd of Shackleton Street, Burnley, Lancashire.  He was employed during 1985/86, 1988/89 and then again from 1995 to 1998. He was employed on each occasion as a loom man and was exposed to the noise of the loom machinery, used to manufacture carpets.

Police have paid out more than £135m to settle claims by former officers who said their hearing was damaged during the course of their duties.